Ordnance Survey Data

Ordnance Survey Maps

Alongside our usual surveying services Malcolm Hughes can supply Ordnance Survey maps. Using their map data portal 'Maps @ Malcolm Hughes' can supply maps at various scales ranging from 1:200 - 1:25,000 which can be provided in paper format or as PDF, TIFF or DXF files.

Utility Searches

Need to check the location and existence of utilities on your site? Save time and effort by asking Maps @ Malcolm Hughes to research these for you. Try out our service by contacting Helen or Chris on 0161 926 0650 - maps@mhls.co.uk.

  • A full Utility Search will include responses from over 20 utility companies
  • Prompt response
  • Information collected and collated into one easy readable report
  • Maximum turnaround 15 working days
  • As an additional service we can overlay the utility information onto OS data. Fixed price sums provided on request
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