JAN 24

Mapping bright futures: Scouts earn their “Survey Badge”

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In a bid to inspire and cultivate the surveyors of tomorrow, MHLS recently hosted an engaging event for a group of young Scouts. The main goal of this session was to give these young minds a taste of the surveying profession and the skills needed to help map the world. For us, Scout groups are fantastic audiences due to their mutual interest of the outdoors, orienteering and love for technology.

The event commenced with an insightful presentation designed to captivate the Scouts’ imaginations. Emphasis was placed on the prospect of being involved in complex engineering problems and projects, providing intelligent solutions crucial to informing design and construction processes.

Interactive Activity

During the hands-on demonstration, Scouts were immersed in tasks showcasing the evolution of technology. A hand-drawn floor plan exercise required teamwork, applied mathematics, and accurate draftsmanship — an ideal blend of skills for both Scout and future Surveyor.

The Scouts actively participated in a range of activities designed to make surveying concepts accessible to them. Each task provided valuable insights into the world of surveying.


Engaging with the Scouts

To resonate with the younger audience, the presentation incorporated videos explaining the variety of tasks and operations where Land Surveyors play a critical role. Interactive questions about their use of technology in daily life (did you use google maps to get here tonight? Do you use Snap Map to share your location with friends? for instance) helped them connect the theory to real-world applications, revealing the essential role of surveyors in developing technologies such as GNSS.

As you might expect from inquisitive Scouts, some of the Scouts demonstrated ingenuity: without prompt they devised considered methods of measuring, and they showed a keen interest in the high-tech equipment used in surveying.

Engaging with Scouts

I enjoyed finding out about the job of a surveyor, I really liked how they used to survey rooms by working it all out before the new machine. I didn’t know this was a job until we visited. I had a fun night and love the Malcolm Hughes water bottle that I won!
Ben – Scout – Age 10

Can you say a big thank you to Stuart and the team, Joshua loved the Scout introduction and was surveying the living room when he got in! It was his first ever Scouts session so what a great start!
Lucy – Parent

Inspiring Future Surveyors

As MHLS endeavors to inspire the next generation of Land Surveyors, the focus extends beyond technical skills. The company aims to instill a set of essential qualities in young minds, fostering inquisitiveness, resilience, fastidiousness, and an innate enjoyment of the outdoors and challenging environments. Recognising that the future of the industry will be in their hands, MHLS is committed to nurturing the next generation poised for success in the dynamic field of surveying.

Future Initiatives

MHLS plans to extend this program to other local Scout, Guide and Cadet groups, schools, and colleges. Additionally, the company envisions supporting education and awareness in the community through work placements, apprenticeships, bursaries, and various opportunities for young people. It’s also necessary to mention that although there are girls in this particular Scout group, they didn’t attend that evenings’ session.

In a world where science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects are pivotal, MHLS demonstrates the real-world applications, showing the relevance of these subjects in shaping the future.

This event not only planted the seeds of curiosity but also showcased the real-world applications of STEM subjects, inspiring the next generation of Land Surveyors.

Thank you so much for the time and effort spent prepping and delivering the fantastic session. Also, please send on our thanks to Pete and Rav. You made a great team, and the balance between delivery and hands on was spot on.

The competition and prizes went down a treat too. Both of my boys were thrilled with their bottles and have a great keepsake…”
Phil Jones – Scouts Leader

Scouts group

MHLS would like to thank The Survey Association for the inspiration as well as Leica Geosystems for their loan of multiple distos and a BLK2go at short notice.