An advanced and flexible solution for all your scanning needs

The popular tool of laser scanning is now widely used in the survey industry for rapid data capture of various types of infrastructure. These include buildings, motorways, railways, construction sites, façades and many more.

The Malcolm Hughes team is here to make the process as easy as possible for you, so we can produce data in formats to suit various software products capable of manipulating point cloud data, or can even create CAD drawings or models to suit your requirements.

The benefits of Laser Scanning:

  • It’s ideal when access is of a limited duration e.g. railway track possession or crime scene.
  • Laser scanning can be used where features can be seen but not physically accessed, so a cliff face, retained façade or ceiling details.
  • It can be used where complex detail is required, so in historic buildings featuring ornate moulding or structures with complex steel detail.
  • It’s ideal in BIM projects where 3D models are required as a deliverable.
  • Where night work only is allowed, laser scanning can be used in the dark.
  • Comprehensive data collection allows desktop studies using the point cloud information and can improve decision making without return site visits.

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Just down the road from Malcolm Hughes HQ in Stirling, Superglass required laser scanning and measured building surveys for their factory expansion, following substantial investment.

Black Horse Road – London

This project on a London Trams rail bridge utilised several of the services available here at Malcolm Hughes, highlighting our expertise in a variety of areas.

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