A Monitoring Survey is predominantly used to identify and track movement in structures to provide accurate data for the subsequent stages for your projects. This could include major structures, such as Bridges, Embankments, Roads, Railways, and Buildings, we are able to cater to all your monitoring needs.

Monitoring Surveys can be undertaken using a variety of techniques, whether this is real time monitoring with total stations continuously observing fixed targets, regular laser scanning of a surface to assess changes in topography or precise levelling to detect small changes in elevation. Using the latest technology in our ever-evolving industry, we are able to track and map movement, giving you the best possible chance to take remedial action.

Why have a monitoring survey?

Monitoring is primarily done to avoid any costly mistakes later down the line of a project. Having real time and historic data puts you in a position to make the best informed decisions about ongoing maintenance or remedial works required to take place. It removes guess work your decision making. This in turn helps with safety, costs and time!

We offer a host of monitoring solutions:

  • Structure facade monitoring

  • Track monitoring

  • Road and embankment monitoring

  • Tunnel monitoring

  • Deformation monitoring

  • Settlement monitoring

  • Deflection monitoring

  • Tilt sensor monitoring

  • Crack monitoring

  • Real-time vibration monitoring

  • Verticality checks

  • Horizontal alignment checks

Monitoring Rail

Depending on your type of monitoring survey, deliverables may be slightly different, however our most common outputs are:

  • Spreadsheet with coordinate changes in x,y,z over time

  • Heat map showing rises and falls (and hence change)

  • Topographic contour maps with changes in shape of the terrain highlighted

  • Point clouds

  • Vertical/Horizontal sections showing deviation from plumb

Monitoring Rail

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