An accurate visual representation seen as it should be

If you need an accurate visual representation then a verified view is the way to go – it’s a render of a 3D model representing a proposed development, placed accurately within a photograph of the prospective site. Thanks to the use of collected survey data, accurate photography and a strict recorded methodology, verified views offer a high level of verifiable precision.

Accurate Visual Representation (AVR) – a still image, or animated sequence of images, intended to convey reliable visual information about a proposed development to assist the process of visual assessment. Definition from the London View Management Framework SPG March 2012

At Malcolm Hughes, we’ve done more than just a few verified views – in fact, we have a wealth of experience surveying for AVRs in London and other UK cities and we’ve also got a fleet of modern instruments with built-in cameras. And that’s why we’re in the ideal position to provide comprehensive survey data for accurate visual representations for your planning application or EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment).

Using a combination of GPS and total station measurements, we can accurately coordinate camera positions and key viewpoints such as points on buildings, structures and roads.

Reporting solutions can be tailored to your requirements. Standard deliverables include:

  • Camera position information
  • 3D CAD files of surveyed points
  • Individual viewpoint images
  • Marked up baseline image
  • Viewpoint coordinate listing and descriptions

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