What are the best routes to begin? Where will it take me? Where do I go from here?  

Whether you are just starting out on your survey journey or you find yourself at the precipice of a career transition there are many options available to you. Discover your direction with invaluable insights and vocational mentorship here at MHLS. 

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Starting Out

   It is surprising (to us!) how many people just don’t know that Land Surveying exists as a career option, or even what a Land Surveyor might do. To counteract this invisibility in the world of careers, we have been attending select Careers Fairs. The objective of which is to proactively educate the broader audience about the availability of employment opportunities within the land surveying industry. As a way of resonating with the students and younger clientele, we are able to demonstrate how many areas of their life surveying has already reached and how they may well already have the beginnings of the skill set required.  

Entering the Field

While formal qualifications are a prerequisite for entry, there are various pathways available for those interested in starting a career in land surveying. Companies like ours aim to provide on-the-job training, supplemented by a structured apprenticeship program in collaboration with affiliated colleges or universities, such as Runshaw College. There are also routes through degree level studies at Universities. Find the entry route that best suits you here on The Survey Association’s practical guide. Or more info here on the RICS site. 

Apprenticeships and Work Experience

We have an apprenticeship program here at MHLS which not only benefits the students by offering them a clearer understanding of the profession but also helps individuals gain practical experience while learning by working alongside experienced professionals in the field. This goes hand in hand with the education and formal academic work they will undertake at their chosen college or university. A route that many may find attractive over the traditional degree course due to the opportunity to earn while you learn.  

My current role is Surveying Assistant, and I am currently working towards my Geospatial Technician level 3 qualification. I found out about this job opportunity from Steven Morris, and I have found the training through working with Malcolm Hughes to be great with clearly assigned goals out on site while working as well as gaining knowledge on how to use equipment on a variety of sitework. This is great because it gives me the practical skills of using these instruments to effectively work and can also deepen my understanding of different surveying techniques.

Overall, the training has given me skills in time-management and has also helped in problem-solving. It has also given me more confidence in communication and to be able to be more independent about my work. The next step I would like to take is finishing my qualification and being fully independent while on site after my training.

Joel Knight – Malcolm Hughes Apprentice

Career Shift Support

Feeling like a change or a new challengeIt’s not always those starting out that want to get into surveying, it can be a fantastic career to make a shift into sideways and if you’re looking at this as an option you may already have a lot of the desirable skills for the jobThere are plenty of options for specialised training and resources available to help support this transition, we can support your career shift here at MHLS. Careers fairs are also really useful for this sort of entry into the industry, a chance to speak to professionals or people who have paved that way already.  

Long-Term Career Support

 Go from standing out in a field to outstanding in your field, because investment in people is not just for the new recruits. Once you’ve completed your tenure as an assistant and then Surveyor, you’ll move up to become a Senior Surveyor and the doors will open up for institute memberships and further qualifications to boost your knowledge and drive your career forwards. You don’t have to stand still in surveying, there is a wide range of CPD to choose from, we deliver in house CPD here at MHLS, so it’s easily accessible and encouraged. 

For those starting out here it our Top 5 ways to get into Land Surveying

  1. Choose maths, geography and practical subjects. Have an interest in the outdoors, develop 3d drawing skills.
  2. Pursue relevant courses or degrees in surveying, geomatics, or related fields to build technical expertise.
  3. Seek internships, work experience or entry-level positions at surveying firms to gain practical experience and exposure to the industry.
  4. Stay updated on advancements in surveying technology and techniques through continuous learning and professional development.
  5. Network with professionals in the field, join industry associations, and participate in events like career fairs to explore opportunities and expand your knowledge.


Questions that aren’t answered here? Drop us a line