Malcolm Hughes Supports the Next Generation of Surveyors with Runshaw College Collaboration

We recently collaborated with Runshaw College to support the education of aspiring surveyors. The initiative was sparked when Stuart Gilling our MD, noticed Stuart Hide (T Level Civil Engineering Course Leader) put out a call via LinkedIn for businesses to contribute to their Civil Engineering programme. Recognizing an opportunity to give back to the industry and nurture future talent, we responded to be a part of their guest lecture series.

Diverse Insights on Utility Surveys

Stuart (Gilling) and Chris Rooney delivered the presentation and engagement session and gave a comprehensive overview covering various surveying techniques and equipment such as total stations, scanners, GNSS, and drones.

The highlight and the focus of the presentation however, was the detailed exploration of Ground Penetrating Radar and Utility Locating Multi Frequency Equipment, followed by a practical session. They chose to focus on utility mapping surveys, an area crucial for our organisation’s recruitment. The team delved into the uses and applications of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) discussing new trends and technologies, including the possible use of AI to identify features within the GPR data. It was also important to address critical concerns, such as the risks associated with utility strikes and underscored the potential dangers to life and the financial implications of such incidents, emphasising the importance of early consideration of utility surveys in the design process.

The workshop held at Runshaw College was a hands-on exercise so students had the opportunity to trace cables, detect features, and operate GPR equipment firsthand.

Runshaw Collage

Fostering Future Talent and Collaboration

The impact of the educational outreach was immediate and positive. A student from Runshaw College reached out to inquire about a work placement, reflecting the tangible benefits of such initiatives for both the students and the company.

Stuart Gilling expressed his enthusiasm for supporting the next generation of surveyors, especially at a time when many universities are discontinuing BSc programmes in surveying and mapping sciences. “The younger generations are the future of our profession,” he emphasised, highlighting the importance of hands-on workshops like the one at Runshaw College.

Continuing the Conversation

MHLS has a commitment to actively supporting and nurturing future surveyors through educational initiatives and practical experiences, and is always open to providing talks and demonstrations, so please get in touch if this is something your institution would be interested in. Additionally we also welcome enquiries for work placements and work experience.

A Word of Thanks

Stuart Hide, the T Level Civil Engineering Course Leader at Runshaw College, expressed his gratitude, saying, “We all want to say a huge thank you for your time, knowledge, support, and unbelievable kindness. Our students enjoyed being in your company and appreciated the opportunity to use some state-of-the-art surveying equipment.”

As Malcolm Hughes continues to champion education and collaboration, their partnership with Runshaw College stands as a testament to their commitment to nurturing the next generation of surveyors.
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