A variety of railway survey services to keep you on track

We cover a wide variety of services when it comes to railway surveys here at Malcolm Hughes, with each element incredibly important in the maintenance and construction of our railways.

  • Coordinated Track Surveys
    Plain line track surveys and complex S&C (Switch and Crossing) surveys with all Permanent Way details such as twists, crossing nose angles and switch sizes.
  • Structure Gauging
    Gauging profiles in a variety of formats for analysing passing clearances of trains. Full point clouds and profiles can also be provided when Laser Scanning, thanks to our Trimble GEDO Scan™ System that collects high-resolution datasets of 3D points including track gauge and cant information!
  • Platform Gauging
    Using a calibrated platform gauge, LaserSweep™ or helical scanning trolley, we can provide accurate Platform Gauging services.
  • OLE Height and Stagger Surveys
    Overhead line equipment is surveyed accurately using a calibrated gauge. Our rigorous Quality Assurance procedures ensure accurate information is supplied that is related to a 3D coordinated track survey and chainage system.
  • Control Networks
    Robust control networks are installed and computed using bespoke grids that utilise Snake Grid projections, localised site grids or control networks tied to Ordnance Survey coordinates.
  • Track Monitoring
    We are experienced in providing specialist track monitoring surveys for UTX, bridgeworks and construction adjacent to track, with either a manual or automated system, set to alarm if trigger values are reached. We also monitor embankments, retaining walls and structures.
  • Drainage Surveys
    We can complete detailed surveys of track drainage, using both electromagnetic and GPR technology, producing drawings and manhole record cards.
  • Laser Scanning
    Scanning of structures including station canopy surveys providing outputs in point cloud outputs and 3D modelling in various formats including Revit, ARCHICAD and 3D Civils.
  • Standards
    Always working to Network Rail standards NR/L2/TRK/3100 and NR/L3/TRK/3101.
  • Gauge Plate Installation
    Datum plates are installed after the installation or maintenance of track has occurred. The information on the datum plate is based on measurements to the ‘Running Edge’ of the nearest rail. These can usually be found on station platform walls, bridge walls and OLE masts, and we have experience in measuring datum plates on various projects throughout the UK.

Safety First

At Malcolm Hughes, we know that maintaining an in-depth understanding of the safety procedures and parameters is a high-level priority when working in this high-risk environment. Our staff hold Personal Track Safety (PTS) certificates, which allow them to work on Network Rail properties; and all teams are equipped with the latest Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

This achievement is testament to the hard work by our competent railway survey teams, supported by the management of our systems and the continued provision of quality service to our customers.

RISQS (Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) is the UK rail industry’s registration and pre-qualification scheme. It is a single entry point for organisations to supply products and services to a large number of buying organisations from the rail industry, including Network Rail. RISQS requires suppliers to undergo a comprehensive assessment process to verify that they have the management capability to meet customer requirements. The audit is designed to make sure that the company complies fully with the Rail industries health and safety, quality and environmental practices regulations.

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