Malcolm Hughes has undertaken a great number of underground utility mapping surveys over the years. With the recent boom in the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector due to the increasingly apparent effects of fossil fuels, the world has seen an increased need for EV charging point installation. Operating in the UK and Ireland, we want to ensure these points are installed safely and efficiently, mitigating risk as much as possible, so we are able to get as many points in use as soon as possible.

Having been commissioned on many underground utility mapping surveys regarding EV charging already, our services have proven instrumental in the design and safe installation of these charging points. We offer a bespoke EV charging survey to ensure our clients have as much information as possible before putting a spade in the ground. These surveys are not just limited to the location of buried utilities, but that of the obstructions which exist within the ground, such as reinforced concrete and other objects that would prevent installation within the desired location. Detection of this nature saves a huge amount of time and cost and enables planning around any obstructions as well as bringing the correct equipment to site.

Malcolm Hughes was recently involved in a project in Plymouth for the installation of EV chargers in multiple locations across the city. Initially the client requirement was a standard underground utility mapping survey to understand what services were within each location of the proposed installations. Following the first surveys, and consultation with the client, it brought to our attention that ground workers were coming across reinforced concrete which was preventing them from fully installing the EV chargers. After revising the needs of the client, it was advised by the Malcolm Hughes survey team to increase the specification by introducing ground penetrating radar (GPR) data collection and post processing to allow for additional analysis. This proved invaluable as it allowed identification of suitable locations prior to installation, saving time and cost. This specification was then applied to the remaining proposed EV charger locations. See some samples of our deliverables below:

Results of ground penetrating radar

Accurately detecting the position and depth of underground utilities and infrastructure used to be a bit of a hit and miss, but by offering this bespoke solution, we minimise Health & Safety implications and unscheduled costs.

Malcolm Hughes has considerable experience in undertaking complex underground utility mapping survey projects in some of the UK’s and Ireland’s busiest cities and environments.

By implementing PAS128, the BSI Specification for underground utility surveys, offering bespoke specifications, having highly trained staff and investing in advanced survey equipment, Malcolm Hughes are able to provide the most robust and complete package for all underground utility mapping survey needs.