Parsons Brinckerhoff asked Malcolm Hughes to conduct a carriageway and verge survey for the design and construction of noise barriers on a section of the M4 in Buckinghamshire.

With increasing traffic volumes comes increasing traffic noise, and between junctions 5 and 8/9 of the M4, the highway boundary is in close proximity to private property, so Parsons Brinckerhoff asked Malcolm Hughes to carry out a survey of the carriageway and verge.

With the carriageway levels and verge details from these surveys, noise barriers could be designed and constructed within the verge at a suitable height to cut down traffic noise. For carriageway levels, conventional survey techniques would require lane closures, which are undesirable and can be expensive. At Malcolm Hughes, our Clear Cone+ system means that our team is able to avoid disruption to traffic without compromising safety, accuracy and speed.

Observations were taken from the Clear Cone+ vehicle located on the hard shoulder with relevant management in place. Clear Cone software and the use of non-contact EDM in conjunction with an electronic theodolite and laptop computer enabled safe data capture of the carriageway information with no disruption to traffic flow, and observations to a relative target were used in order to survey the verge.

Survey control was established at regular intervals throughout the site and coordinated by GPS in combination with the Clear Cone+ system. This provided coordinated reference points linked to Ordnance Survey datum, required for construction purposes. The data was subsequently supplied digitally to assist with downstream engineering design. Drawings were also prepared at 1:500 scale and cross-sections at 50-metre intervals.

Clear Cone+ Equipment / Technology Benefits:

•Discreet non-contact EDM data capturing.
•No disruption to traffic flow.
•Improved workflow.

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