Malcolm Hughes Appoints New Managing Director

After dedicating 26 years to the company, including 7 as Managing Director, Nick Hampson has decided to step down and embark on a well-deserved retirement. The company expresses heartfelt gratitude for his valuable service and welcomes him as our newly appointed Non-Executive Chairman.

In light of these changes, Malcolm Hughes is delighted to announce the appointment of Stuart Gilling as the new Managing Director. Stuart, fuelled by a passion for growth and development, brings extensive experience to lead the company into an innovative future.

Stuart is not only committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive culture but is also dedicated to embracing new technology and developing enhanced solutions for our clients. His vision involves leveraging cutting-edge advancements to propel Malcolm Hughes forward in the ever-evolving landscape.

Stuart is well-positioned to build upon the solid foundations created by Nick, and we are eager to embark on this new chapter under his guidance, characterised by innovation, inclusivity, and a continued commitment to quality.

headshots of Nick and Stuart

Nick top left, Stuart bottom right