Heysham Docks

Detailed GPR scans being carried out at Heysham docks as part of an investigation to establish the locations and depths of potable water on site.  As the pipe materials were solely non-conductive and the ground conditions were varying, GPR was the ideal detection technique for this task.  Water mains offer a great and unique target within GPR data due to the signal contrast between the pipe and the surrounding ground.

Data for this project will be post processed and interpreted off site to produce highly detailed plans.  Post processing of GPR data improves the results by resolving weak and intermittent signals or analysing multiple targets in order to gain a better understanding of complex and obscure utility networks.  Post processing can also be used to filter out excessive noise to make targets more apparent, and provide elevation/topographically corrected GPR data which is ideal for those sites on steep embankments where accurate data collection and evaluation is crucial.