The utilities market is fast moving with increasingly stringent regulation and new technologies. Achilles UVDB is the utility industry pre-qualification system used across the UK. Achilles work closely with key buying organisations in the sector to help them achieve the highest standards of supply chain assurance. Part of the Achilles accreditation process for suppliers like MHLS, is to conduct annual audits of the management systems and to check that these are being complied with. For this audit a day was spent in the Rugby Office assessing the strength and quality of our management systems and a half day on site with one of our surveyors, to check that we do what we say we do.

Mike Page ISO Manager and Quality Controller at MHLS worked with the Achilles Auditor, on this year’s Audit, over a day and a half. Mike has praised all those involved for their professional approach and attitude.

“No company is perfect and there is always room for improvement. We were picked up on having some first aid kit contents that were just out of date; nevertheless, everything else passed with flying colours. This is a fabulous result which showcases the Company in an excellent light to our potential clients in the Utility Industry. This magnificent achievement could not have been realised without having robust management systems in place or without the support and professionalism of everyone involved.”