Nick Hampson congratulating Darren Lunn, Malcolm Hughes SHEQ Manger , who was instrumental in this achievement.

Malcolm Hughes Land Surveyors Ltd has achieved ISO 45001:2018

The new international standard was only released in March 2018 and Malcolm Hughes Land Surveyors Ltd have worked hard to gain the accreditation to show their commitment to the health and safety of their employees, clients and other interested parties. It also means that they are part of a limited group of companies/businesses within the UK that have met the standards set out in the new ISO 45001, before the deadline date ,which is March 2021.

“We are proud to have been awarded ISO 45001. It shows how much emphasis we put on Health and Safety. Achieving this, as well as maintaining our other ISO’s such as 9001 and 14001 demonstrates our continued commitment to producing high-quality products and delivering consistent service. It also shows we are keen to invest time and money into technology, staff, processes, and procedures. Being part of a team that sets high goals and continues to do so shows the level of commitment by everyone at the company has in its aim to getting it right first time every time and striving for continuous improvement” Nick Hampson, MD