Malcolm Hughes Gains PUMA

MHLS is proud to announce we have achieved our PAS128 Utility Mapping Accreditation (PUMA)

PUMA is the new accreditation scheme being run by the TSA and LRQA, a global leader in assurance, certification and inspection services. The accreditation is designed to assess the ability of surveyors to deliver to the PAS128 specification, not only will it provide a benchmark and create a national standard for best practice for underground surveys, but it will raise standards in utility surveys, essential to prioritise safety, drive efficiency and save money.

This involves a two-stage certification procedure. The first stage involves office-based activities, demonstrating our abilities through documented evidence and understanding of the specifications. The second stage was fieldwork based, where we walked the auditors through the PAS 128 survey process, adhering strictly to our documented site working procedures. The process took us a total of three months to complete and after this concerted effort, we are pleased to announce we have successfully obtained the accreditation.

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