Nick Hampson, MD of Malcolm Hughes Land Surveyors has been elected as President of The Survey Association.  Nick has served as Vice President for four years and succeeds Adam Bradley who stepped down in April 2021.

On his appointment Nick said ““I’m delighted to take over the reins as President of TSA and intend to work on behalf of the membership so that TSA continues to provide an invaluable source of support and information, a useful and popular forum for discussion, and an enviable education service through The Survey School”. Nick continued, “TSA thrives as a result of a well organised and effective Secretariat, a healthy membership, the increasing engagement of members in TSA activities and the continuing efforts of those who volunteer on Council and in other capacities to help us move forward. As we emerge from the shadow of the pandemic we are working to create more influence and to provide more support and information for members. I’d welcome all constructive comment and involvement to keep TSA at the forefront of our profession.”

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