Cyfartha Iron Works in South Wales were founded in 1765, and by 1806 had become the largest in the world. Currently large portions of the original enormous complex that formed the ironworks remain intact today; this includes six of the original blast furnaces. The structure is important due to the fact it is the largest and most complete surviving specimen in the world.

Ogilvie Geomatics, now part of Malcolm Hughes  were commissioned to carry out a 3d laser scanning survey to aid plans for a restoration of the site, with the view of opening the historic site to the public.

By using a laser scanner we were able to survey the complete exterior of the site including the external arches in high resolution.

The intricate internal tunnel system was also scanned so a relation could be made to the external façade. This could potentially become useful information in the future especially if the intention is to open the site to the public.

A ghost render was created for the internal tunnel system.

The whole site was then rendered and the Client was supplied with a 3d point cloud along with various AutoCAD 3D drawings and renders.